Regenesys Bursary Application Portal

Choosing a career?
Finding an ideal job can take you months, even years! And this is with or without a degree.
It is up to you to create your ideal job and get to do what you love each day. Start thinking about your future today and work towards achieving this with the right education partner.

Study Business (MBA and BBA) with Regenesys Business School!
Regenesys is one of the fastest growing business schools in South Africa, founded, funded and run by successful South African entrepreneurs operating globally. Regenesys gives students international business exposure and practical experience in developed and emerging markets in Africa and abroad. It is a business school that approaches education holistically, to ensure that each student develops intellectually, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Regenesys helps you define your life interests or core purpose, and works at supporting you become a balanced professional who operates successfully both in business and in your personal life.

Why study business?
A successful business career isn’t something for a chosen few, neither is it something that comes with age or good luck
It is a MINDSET. It is an ATTITUDE.

Why study business?
• who sees opportunity where everyone around sees despair;
• who strives for success while others dwell on negatives;
• who sets the pace while others find faults
It is for…
Visionaries. Innovators. Pioneers.
The Creative, the Daring, the Enterprising, the Non-conformant, the Self-disciplined, the World changers.
Real Leaders!
Business is for the kind of person…

Everyone starts somewhere
Regenesys career guidance will help you choose the best route for your development, not just through academic theory, but also through exposure to its founders and other captains of the industry who share their own success stories and formulas with the Regenesys fraternity periodically.

The Regenesys Foundation is offering partial scholarships for the below qualifications:


Apply today if you are:
● between the ages of 18 – 34
● living and studying/working in Africa
● in need of financial support
● academically talented
● able to access the Internet
● able to meet the minimum qualification entry requirements
● passionate about developing Africa
● proficient and able to study in English


For more information, simply complete the form below:

Before you apply, please make sure you have the following ready:

● Completed application form Click here to download the application form
● Resume/CV (maximum three pages)
● Certified copy of Identity Document/Passport
● Motivation letter
● Certified copies of: Highest Qualification and Statement of Results
● Additional Supporting Documentation
Say it with words and show it in pictures:
Write a 200 word motivation about what receiving a Regenesys bursary would create in your life. And submit a picture of what you believe Regenesys Business Education creates or stands for. Hashtag it with #regenesyscreates and upload it to your preferred social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)