To enhance an ongoing relationship and to reinvigorate engagement with past students, Regenesys provides a platform for meaningful interaction and communication through the Regenesys Alumni Association.

The Regenesys Alumni Association brings together graduates, students and staff to encourage active involvement in a rich community life through social, intellectual and educational activities. The alumni association’s vision is to inform, engage and inspire Regenesys alumni to stay connected to the business school, and to support Regenesys’ lofty vision of becoming a leading institution of management and leadership development in the world by 2020!

Regenesys boasts an extensive community of diverse people and experiences. Those who have passed through the corridors of Regenesys have enjoyed and maintained a close association with the school. There’s definite joy and pride at the school, upon hearing about the progress and accomplishments of graduates in their professional and personal lives.

Past and present students feel the same pride when Regenesys keeps breaking new ground, pioneering new ideas and leading the field of education with innovation. This mutual pride and respect characterises the lifetime relationship Regenesys envisages with and among its alumni.

For students and graduates of Regenesys, it is an opportunity to extend networks and leverage local and global connection.

Who should register?

Anyone who graduated from Regenesys, in particular, those who wish to be engaged, inspired and be supportive; willing to advance the strategic objectives of Regenesys Business School and Regenesys Foundation; assisting with advocacy, fundraising and programme efforts; willing to promote the brand as goodwill ambassadors.

By activating your alumni association membership, we will be able to send you updates on events such as our Leadership Conversations, and other exciting events. It also gives us an opportunity to host events that are targeted for your specific area of interest.

How can I give back?

Through advocacy and active input toward the promotion of Regenesys, by supporting the Alumni Association Committee/sub-committees, you can make it count, and pay it forward by volunteering to serve on any one of these:

  • Advocacy and recruitment
  • Alumni careers and People-on-the-Move
  • Marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Research and publications
  • Social media and networking
  • Fundraising and events

If you are part of the Alumni Association Committee, you will receive the following Alumni Association documentation:

  • The Constitution
  • Responsibilities of sub-committees
  • Minutes of previous meetings

What’s in it for me; why should I volunteer my services?

Mutual Motivation

With input from its alumni, Regenesys continues to produce highly motivated world-class leaders who make a meaningful impact on their communities.

The aim is to have a distinguished crop of Regenesys graduates each year, which would join and further energise a group of active, progressive alumni. The network aims to create a sense of belonging for members, fostering support and wellbeing, and you will be at the heart of this!


Being a privately funded institution, Regenesys has an increasing need to promote philanthropy in order to fund research and create a climate that encourages professional growth, expansion and sustainability. Your contribution will ensure this for the upcoming generations.

Continuous Improvement

It is important that Regenesys constantly improves its service delivery and understanding of the value that our programmes add to each student and client. Your feedback and input regarding our services, in the context of the environment we operate in: the changing needs of students, marketplace demands and expectations, is, therefore, invaluable.

Your active participation in the alumni association; your support for any of the sub-committees, will benefit not only the current and coming generation of alumni, but it will also enhance your personal effectiveness in relation to serving on community or corporate boards.

Ranking Research Feedback

There are annual surveys run to determine the service and/or quality and impact of the different institutions that offer MBA on the workplace. We request that you become familiar with the nature of surveys and the questions you may be called upon to answer, should you be in the sample of the media doing this research.
A sample of the battery of survey questions is attached. Please click here

Recognition and affirmation of fellow alumni through coverage, listings and mutual invitation to pertinent events.

We would greatly appreciate if you would kindly submit your new or updated email address so we can keep you updated on the latest Regenesys happenings.

So, where are they now?
Find out what fellow Regenesys alumni are up to visit Regenesys on LinkedIn and stay connected to your friends and colleagues. You can also use LinkedIn to update your profile and follow our school today. Please also update your current studies and information on your LinkedIn profile to help us keep our Alumni profile up to date.

Some prominent Regenesys alumni include:

  1. Mr Gregory September: Head of Research (Governance Cluster NCOP/ NA), Parliament of South Africa
  2. Mr Parks Tau: Executive Mayor, City of Johannesburg
  3. Mr Panyaza Lesufi: Member of Executive Council, Department of Education
  4. Mr Dickson Masemola: Member of Executive Committee, Department of Education Limpopo