Hey, it’s 2016 and the possibilities are endless!

2016 has begun and we cheered as the first black African batsman, Temba Bavuma, made history on the field and then we sighed as racism, continuing protests and our turbulent economy dominated news headlines. The wonderful thing about South Africa is that the possibilities are endless and only we can make our future bright.

There are four easy tips to steering your future into happier waters: dream big, action now, get involved and stand your ground. Find out what you want to do and where you want to go – write a list or talk with friends and family, and determine what your path should be for 2016.

Act now by taking slow steps to your new chapter – study further with Regenesys and develop your academic prowess, give yourself a timeline at your job to progress higher in the company; work with your family to ensure that your personal life progresses as well as your professional life.

Get involved in your immediate surroundings and let the ripples of your actions reflect on the country as a whole. Join an organisation or help out at a church or NGO. Stop just talking and begin doing something to make visible changes to your community. You will be paying it forward.

Stand your ground by practicing your ethics and ideals and being the voice for those who are too scared to stand up for themselves. Be proud of your workplace and your friends and family and say so. This positive energy will impact on your life and that of others in a visible and tangible way.

Act now and let’s have a fantastic 2016!