How to get the best out of your team

Does it seem like time is not on your side? The deadline is ticking and your team is confused, tackling too much and not achieving anything? Take a moment, look at your time management and then follow these simple tips to get the best out of your team.

FunofBusMngtElizabeth Grace Saunders, author of “How to Invest Your Time like Money” says, “If you’re stretched and overloaded, you can’t think strategically about your own time, let alone anyone else’s.” So what should overworked team leaders do to get the maximum return from their workers to benefit the company and themselves in return?

One-on-One Meetings
Meetings are the bane of business life but they are a necessary evil. Instead of wasting time, rather clarify your goals. Meet with team members individually for a one-on-one meeting to tell them what you need. Be specific and precise in your briefs and instructions to make sure they have understood. Ask how they are doing and listen to their concerns.

Don’t Micromanage
What works for you, might not work for all. Communicate clearly what quality of work you expect and by when. Micromanaging results in frustration and bottlenecks in the workflow. In your one-on-one meetings, ask if they are coping and offer advice. Delegate the work if needed or ask for outside help.

Track Progress
The one-on-one meetings should be held regularly so that progress can be tracked, improved and remedied if need be. Employees will gain insight as to how they have improved, feel encouraged and strive harder to complete the task on time, because they feel supported. During these meetings ask if personal stresses are affecting work and display empathy. Be specific, encourage dialogue and afterwards if necessary, keep other team members in the loop.

These simple tips will help improve your team performance, which ensures the optimal return for your company and less time wasted!