The Regenesys Foundation is set up to assist those qualifying students who wish to obtain an accredited qualification. Donor funding is sourced and ultimately the Foundation aims to accumulate an Endowment Fund to ensure its sustainability.

An example of our Bursary Programme is our on-going successful partnership with African Bank and the ABIL Institute. In 2012 we agreed to enrol one disadvantaged learner from the Maharishi Institute on the Regenesys Higher Certificate in Business Management programme at no cost, for every African Bank employee that was trained by Regenesys.

By 2016, 260 students from Maharishi enrolled on the programme at a cost of about R9-m to Regenesys (R35 000 x 260 students) and these have graduated with a HCBM certificate.

We are pleased to have made a difference to the lives of so many young graduates who are now imparting their knowledge and skills to others - making society and the world a better place.

Our Bursary Committee receives and considers all applications, which can be submitted online via the Foundation website.

The Foundation welcomes funding from the following categories of donors:

  • Alumni
  • South African trusts, foundations and corporates whose CSI focus is education
  • International philanthropic entities
  • Multinational companies
  • Development agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • South African government
  • UK/ USA/ European and Asian governments
  • National Lotteries Board
  • Faith-based funders
  • High net worth individuals

In respect of the Bursary Programme, the target audience is two-fold:

  • Needy students and
  • The donor constituency worldwide

Our bursary applications are currently closed. To be added to our database of those interested in a bursary or studying further, please fill in the form below. Alternatively feel free to contact our Loans department so they can help facilitate financial help for you so you can fulfil your academic dreams. Send an email to processoffice@office.regenesys.net

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