Secrets of Success

52 principles for those brave individuals who wish to achieve extraordinary success


The purpose of this book is to share with you fifty-two ‘secrets of success’. The secrets of success are a set of principles or laws that, when practised regularly, lead to success. They contain insights acquired through spiritual experience, business management and various real-life encounters.

I have experimented with and applied these secrets in my own life and my dreams have become a reality – I have been blessed with abundant wealth and success in all areas of my life: family, physical, spiritual, intellectual and financial.

Success does not come about by accident or chance – it is built up by good actions over a long period of time. Actions are the result of our thoughts; thus, our thoughts are the key to success or failure. We are who we are because of our thoughts. What we think, we become. And when we change our thoughts, we can change our lives. That is the purpose of this book – to help us to change our thoughts, to plant new ideas into our minds, to reprogramme our life scripts, and to attract success into our lives.

We develop only when we face up to our inner weaknesses and start working hard on changing them. Yet the journey inward is the toughest journey of our lives. This book will provide you with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration to set out on this most challenging path – and to succeed.

Individuals who internalise and apply the secrets of success will find success and power through emotional and spiritual wisdom. And it’s a virtuous cycle: successful individuals will create successful organisations, and successful organisations will ensure successful nations. Successful nations will make our world a better place to live in – more peaceful, just and developmental. It is my hope that, by showing individuals the tools for success, this book will play a part in realising the dream of a better world.

It inspires me to think that you may embark on a journey of self-actualisation. Even more inspiring is the thought that, once you achieve success, you may choose the path of serving humanity.

May you awaken your potential, knowing that everything you need is within you.

Dr Marko Saravanja

Chairperson of Regenesys

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