Together, we can make a difference; together, we can educate the next generation TODAY!


Donate to Education For All or adopt a student to finance their access to higher education.

The Education For All initiative is a unique platform created to help young people awaken their potential and become better humans. It is an opportunity for well-meaning individuals and corporate organisations to contribute towards building a better world.

About Education For All?
Education For All is developed by the Regenesys Foundation in collaboration with MyWealth Investments (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial services provider, FSP 45214 and Regenesys Business School.

Education For All is a game-changing, innovative and technology-driven initiative, which aims to disrupt traditional higher education systems and provide access to affordable and quality higher education to the world.

The initiative will:

  • Utilise internet, financial engineering and education as the greatest equalisers in the world
  • Wipe the tears off all parents who cannot afford to pay for higher education for their children
  • Create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy
  • Provide an opportunity to every human being on Planet Earth to get educated, develop, awaken their potential and achieve their dreams,
  • Develop more educated and enlightened human beings, better leaders, and a better world.