EdForAll is a game-changing initiative, providing affordable management and leadership development programmes from higher certificate to masters level from as little as R535 (US$30 or Rs2,500) a month. The EdForAll initiative has been made possible by Regenesys Foundation’s partnership with MyWealth Investments, Regenesys Business School, Regenesys Nigeria and Regenesys India through the application of technology and generous support from the Regenesys community of alumni, students, staff, part-time faculty, and friends of Regenesys from across the globe. This community has pledged support that ranges from cash and salary sacrifices to lecturing, tutoring, assessment, research supervision, and mentoring and coaching.

We invite you to join us by adopting a student or making whatever other contribution you can to help realise the dream of a better world.

We wish to wipe away the tears of all parents who cannot afford to pay for the higher education of their children.

Why Ed4All?

At the Regenesys Foundation, we believe that access to higher education can open the doors of opportunity for people, endowing them with the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed in the New Digital Age.

A business qualification from Regenesys Business School has the potential to provide graduates with much-needed access to the skilled jobs market, thereby transforming their lives and the lives of their families and communities.

As little as R500 per month is all that is required to provide deserving candidates access to Regenesys Business School’s world-class higher education business programmes.

The EdForAll programme creates the opportunity for you or your organisation to sponsor a candidate as they launch their online university career.

High youth unemployment rates remain one of the greatest challenges to economic transformation in South Africa. For as little as R500 per month, you could provide a young South African with an opportunity to attain the skills and qualifications needed to gain entry to the jobs market, transforming not only their lives but the lives of their family and the greater community.

Your support will enable a candidate to secure a better future, thereby accelerating economic transformation in vulnerable communities one person at a time.

All donations are accrued to qualifying students and displayed online for everyone to see.

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