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Poverty in Africa:The way out!

Poverty in Africa:The way out!

Poverty in Africa:The way out!

  • Posted by Kingsley Omon
  • On August 26, 2020

Poverty is all around us in Africa. It is sometimes so commonplace that we do not notice it. But it is here, destroying human lives, and bringing misery to all who suffer. The Brookings Institution reports that one in three Africans— 422 million people—live below the global poverty line. This makes up more than 70 percent of the world’s poorest people.

Let’s go beyond the statistics and find out what it really means to be poor?

  • The reality of poverty is not being able to provide enough food for your children or pay for a hospital visit when a child is sick or injured.
  • Girls in poverty are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking
  • Limited access to sanitation and clean water lead to poor hygiene practices and more disease, which hinder the ability of the poor to work or attend school.
  • Poor people are helpless when something like the Covid-19 epidemic arrives. They have no reserves to fall back upon.
  • Poor people lack hope in the future because they have nothing to look forward to, just the hideous daily grind of staying alive.
  • Poverty results in damage to the natural environment in which the poor live and this increases the impact of floods and other natural disasters.

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