Everything We Need to Succeed is Within Us

The purpose of this book is to inspire people to change their self-limiting thoughts, conquer their fears and achieve greatness.

Regenesys Foundation Initiative

Dr Marko Saravanja, Chairman of Regenesys Business School has published a book, “Secrets of Success” to raise study funds for the Regenesys Foundation to assist deserving students in dire need of financial assistance.
The proceeds from the sale of this book are dedicated to funding bursaries for deserving but financially disadvantaged students via the Regenesys Foundation, a nonprofit organisation set up to provide accessible and affordable high-quality online higher education across the world.
The lack of affordable access to quality education is at the root of so many social ills, from poverty, unemployment and inequality to war and disease. We need to develop a new breed of leaders to address these problems – competent, purpose-driven, conscious leaders who can make a positive difference in their communities worldwide.
At Regenesys we believe that the cost of higher education should not prevent anyone from achieving their dreams. We believe education should be a human right, not a privilege of the wealthy.
Purchasing one copy of Secrets of Success will fund the education of one student for a month via Regenesys Foundation’s Education for All (Ed4All) initiative. Buying 12 will fund the education of one student for a year.
Ed4All is a game-changing initiative, providing affordable management and leadership development programmes from higher certificate to masters level from as little as R500 (US$30 or Rs2,500) a month. The Ed4All initiative has been made possible by Regenesys Foundation’s partnership with MyWealth Investments, Regenesys Business School, Regenesys Nigeria and Regenesys India through the application of technology and generous support from the Regenesys community of alumni, students, staff, part-time faculty, and friends of Regenesys from across the globe. This community has pledged support that ranges from cash and salary sacrifices to lecturing, tutoring, assessment, research supervision, and mentoring and coaching.

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