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Regenesys and Saray Khumalo join forces to educate all

Regenesys Foundation is collaborating with spirited and committed Champions for Education to provide quality higher education to young people who presently are not able to afford it.

The first of our Ed4All Champions, Saray Khumalo, is the first black African woman to summit Everest. She has been climbing for a purpose since 2012 to raise funds towards educating young Africans who are unable to afford it.

If you are running, climbing a mountain, taking part in cross-city bike racing or other similar endeavours in pursuit of your dreams, why not make a difference in the process – tie your ambition to a charitable cause, as Saray does.

Together, you, Saray, and likeminded individuals can leave a worthy legacy for the next generation of Africans.

It’s super simple!

Start by filling the form to make the world a better place!

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