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Through the Foundation, the Regenesys Business School has made the content of its formal business courses available to all, without charge. Find out about our Education for All Initiative.

  • Master of Business Administration [MBA]
  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA]
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management [PDBM]
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management [HCBM]

For the past 5 years, students around the world have been using our study material for free. We have an online portal with state-of-the-art high tech – high touch deep learning. And this has made a difference to thousands. We have awakened them to realising the potential that lies within them. We want to touch the lives of many more. We want millions more to benefit.

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Education for All

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The Regenesys Foundation manages an endowment fund to provide study bursaries to deserving students.

The Foundation works with enlightened corporates to provide bursaries to deserving employees.

The Foundation has a successful partnership with African Bank and the ABIL Institute. In terms of the arrangement, the Foundation enrols one student from the Maharishi Institute at no cost for every student enrolled by African Bank. By 2016, 260 students from the Maharishi Institute had enrolled on the programme and graduated with an HCBM certificate. The Foundation contributed R 9-m to make this initiative a success.

We are pleased to have made a difference to the lives of so many young graduates who are now imparting their knowledge and skills to others – making society and the world a better place.

Applications for bursaries can be submitted here.

If you do not hear from the Foundation within 60 days, you should consider your application unsuccessful.

Our Bursary Committee receives and considers all applications, which can be submitted online via the Foundation website.


Endowed Chairs

Regenesys Business School strives to stay at the forefront of current and emerging business trends. The Foundation works with corporates and organisations by soliciting grants for the establishment of Academic Chairs.

Companies can broaden their corporate social responsibility contribution and give back to the country, community and society by sponsoring in-depth academic research and product development within areas such as artificial intelligence, the Fourth Industrial Revolution,  entrepreneurship, EQ, SQ and leadership.

By endowing a chair, corporates pledge their commitment to the advancement of education and business in South Africa, Africa and the world.

Organisations wishing to explore this opportunity should inquire here.


Bequest Programme

Please consider making a bequest to the Regenesys Foundation. You will give future generations an opportunity to benefit from your success for many decades to come.

The most common forms of bequests are:

  • A specified sum of money – this is an amount mentioned in your will.
  • A life assurance policy – this is a very effective means of making a bequest. Participants name the Regenesys Foundation as a beneficiary an existing or new life assurance policy.

We recommend that you consult your lawyer, estate administrator, or financial adviser about what approach is most beneficial for you, your family and your legacy.

The Foundation welcomes an opportunity to discuss your legacy gift and how it could benefit future students at the Regenesys Business School. Please click here.

Persons or trusts making bequests to the Foundation join the Legacy Community and receive privileged communication and invitations to events.