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Meet Ed4All Champion Thembi Khumalo

Thembi Khumalo is a proud Champion of the Regenesys Foundation Ed4All programme, administered by the Regenesys Business School. She hopes to inspire other leading professionals and corporations to give back by adding their support to the EdForAll programme. Thembi is a business leader and has served in a range of senior position at several of South Africa’s leading financial institutions during her career.

Earning an MBA not only transformed Thembi Khumalo into a leader in corporate South Africa, but it also showed her that no mountain is too high to climb if one is provided with a platform to discover one’s true potential.

Thembi believes every young person can awaken their true potential if restrictive barriers are eliminated. Thembi is the best proof of this philosophy, having summited Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus, the two highest peaks in Africa and Europe respectively, against unimaginable odds and incredible challenges.

According to Thembi, education is the most crucial equaliser that has helped her break many glass ceilings to attain untold heights, hitherto considered impossible for a Black African woman.

It is no surprise, then, that she is paying these accomplishments forward by committing to helping economically vulnerable students to secure the funding to access higher education opportunities.

Thembi is passionate about participating and succeeding and is a firm believer that every young person should be afforded the chance to access quality education. Thembi believes that equal access to education has the power to transform lives and develop a new generation of productive, forward-thinking members of a diverse society, which will, in turn, advance the global development project.

Find out more about Thembi Khumalo HERE

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